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Wheel Base - 58"
Weight - 515 lbs. (Dry)
Chassis - Tubular, Jig Built, Tig Welded, Powder Coated
Body - Aluminum, 2008 Slingshot by Tobias
Dimensions - 110" Long, 48" Wide
Engine - 600 V-Twin Briggs & Stratton Vanguard (Sealed), Race Prepped w/ Racing Cam, Modified Pistons, and Billet Rods. Electric Start. 39 HP
Fuel - Alcohol / Methanol
Ignition - Magneto Type
Drive - Heavy Duty Centrifugal Clutch, #40 Chain
Rear Axle - 1 1/4" Steel with Aluminum Drives
Front Suspension - Beam Axle with Afco Racing Coil-Over Shocks
Rear Suspension - Swing-arm with Afco Racing Coil-Over Shocks
Brake - U.S. Brake - Hydraulic System
Shocks - Spec, 5" Travel AFCO Racing Shocks
Seat - Kirkey Highback Aluminum Racing Seat with Cover
Safety Equipment - 3 1/2 Gallon Fuel Cell (New Jersey Legal), Steering Wheel Center Pad, Quick Release Steering Wheel Hub
Safety Harness - 5 Point Belt System for Added Protection
Tires - Spec for Dirt and Pavement
Wheels - (3) Steel, Aluminum (Right Rear)
Electrical - Sealed Harness, Compact Battery
Gauges - Auto Meter Oil Pressure with Warning Light
Optional - Tach and Rev. Limiter
Price - $6739.12(Kit) or $7307.56(Fully Assembled)

Slingshot by Tobias/Briggs & Stratton Power Products cars are tailored toward the adventure hungry individual who wants to be involved in the fastest growing sport in America, auto racing. Slingshots give drivers the opportunity to race without the large investment of motorsports. This 58" wheel-based, spec. racer features a alcohol burning, Briggs & Stratton V-Twin power-plant, capable of speeds over 80 MPH. Additionally, the Slingshot features a 4-coil suspension and is available in your choice of colors. These purpose built race cars are designed for 1/8 to 1/3 mile dirt and pavement speedways. The Slingshot is affordable, competitive, fun, and safety minded.
In 1999, noted race chassis designer and master fabricator, Rich "Toby" Tobias, Jr. developed the Slingshot by Tobias spec. race car. The cost effective concept of the Slingshot keeps the ever growing expense of racing to a minimum, without sacrificing the thrill of competitive Motorsports.
Tobias' involvement at the top-level of dirt modified and USAC Silver Crown Racing has allowed him to identify the biggest costs in the sport. The Slingshot concept and rules limit those factors by mandating the use of a sealed motor and spec. racing components (tires, rims, shocks, etc.). Winning is no longer determined by your budget but by driving ability and a well-kept maintenance program.
With the Slingshot by Tobias, Rich has combined his 20 years of professional/winning racing experience and over 25 years of personal involvement in the racing industry to put racing back into the hands of the driver. The winning edge in Slingshot racing is dependent upon race car maintenance, chassis set-up, and driver ability.
With healthy purses at both weekly venues and Briggs & Stratton Power Products Tour events, the Slingshot by Tobias is the best value for your racing dollars. The low initial investment and minimal average cost of maintenance has put racing within reach of all who want to be involved in the sport. The Slingshot by Tobias is one of the fastest growing racing divisions in America, with nearly 60 new cars built annually.
The active Slingshot car count currently numbers near 320, with weekly racing venues located in Alabama, California, New York, Pennsylvania,Wisconsin,Minnesota,Georgia and New Jersey. Slingshots have competed throughout the country; including Delaware, North Carolina,Virginia, Colorado, Maryland, Indiana, Louisiana,Texas, Arizona, Tennessee, and South Carolina.
Ages of Slingshot drivers have no boundaries,with current driver ages ranging from 6 to 79.It is this concept that has kept the family values of racing progressing forward.Many weekly tracks have a Junior Class which encompasses younger drivers from ages 6 to 13.The value of seat-time proves beneficial as the driver's abilities continue to grow.The Junior Class runs everything the same as the Regular Class or Senior Class except they are required to run a 1 bbl. carburetor.
Expansion is greatly improving the recognition of this form of racing as many nationally known events are inquiring are scheduling Slingshots as part of their racing programs.Racing venues in Florida and North Carolina will see the Briggs & Stratton Slingshot by Tobias racers tearing up the speedways in 2008.
Here is a cost comparison between the Slingshot by Tobias and other popular racing divisions:

Quarter Midget
250 Micro-Sprint
Dirt Modified
Race Car with Engine
$2,000 - $7,000*
$4,000 - $8,000*
$10,000 - $12,000*
$30.00- $59.87
$39- $66
$35 - $55
Right Rear Tire
$35 - $60***
$40 - $60
$85 - $125
$135 - $250
$250 & Up
* Cost varies by class.
** Slingshot tires can last 4-12 races, Micro-Sprint tires last 1-4 races, Dirt Modified tires last 1-2 races.
*** Does not include $20 charge to "cut tires".