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Our Mission... to allow people the thrill of owning and driving their own race car at an affordable price, a car that will be competitive regardless of how much money one is able to spend. It is our belief that racing is for everyone. Since the inception of the Slingshot, the division has grown and continues to gain respect throughout the country. This growth is largely due to the Slingshot owners and their commitment to the spec. racing concept. Speedway Entertainment will continue to strive to improve the Slingshot class, maintaining the philosophy that: "Everyone should be able to go to the track and compete with a car capable of winning. This philosophy has given a variety of people the chance to enjoy auto racing."
2008 Rules
1. All cars must be used as supplied by the manufacturer,Speedway Entertainment. All cars must be registered with Speedway Entertainment for the current racing season to be eligible to participate in Speedway Entertainment sanctioned events and have the '07 Serial # plate installed and or new '08 Registration decal. All cars must be inspected by Speedway Entertainment or an Authorized Slingshot by Tobias Dealer prior to competing at sanctioned events during the current racing season. All cars must carry a registration and inspection sticker for the current racing season during sanctioned events. Engine seal numbers for said car must match the engine seal numbers listed on the car's registration card.
2. Absolutely no structural modifications (welding, cutting, additions, or brackets). The bodies must remain as supplied by manufacturer and must fit templates. Example: All bends, rolls, and holes must be within 3/8 of an inch of the certified Slingshot body.
3. The following are the only allowable adjustments:
Coil adjustment height
Panhard height/length
Weight ballast
Rear axle offset
Tire stagger
Coil spring rate (60, 80, or 100 lb..) Rubber inserts allowed
Steel or aluminum heim ends will be allowed
4. Gear range will specified by individual track sizes.68 Sprocket maximum.
5. Tires :
Durometer readings you must maintain:
16-650 and 18-950 - 60 reading
18-850 - 55 reading
Front (asphalt) - 65 reading
All cars must be within 4% of each other. Example: At a race all cars are durometered at a reading of 62, your car must not be more than 2.84 points lower than 62.
Absolutely no tire softener or treatments.
No grooving/siping is allowed.
Only stock grooves are permitted. Grooves must remain stock width.
Sanding/grinding of tires is permitted.
Air Pressure:
18 lb.. minimum right rear air pressure, checked before the event, for 760 lb.. weight minimum.
12 lb.. minimum right rear air pressure, checked before the event, for 790 lb.. weight and above. ** Must have 790 lb.. notification above RR tire.
Air must touch inner rubber of tire (no liners). If inner tube is used, it also must touch inner rubber of tire.
The 16-650 tire is the only allowed tire on the left or right front.
Tires allowed on rear are 18X850, 18X950, 18.5X8.5, and 16X6.50.
All tires must be supplied by Speedway Entertainment or an "Authorized" Slingshot Dealer, manufactured by Carlisle Tire, and carry the "SYS" stamp.
Wheels & Hubs:
Aluminum right rear wheel is mandatory and may only be run on the right rear. It must be manufactured by Douglas Wheel and be the "Blue or Red Label" model. Wheel cannot be run inside out and right rear wheel covers are legal.
Steel wheels must be run on the LR, RF, and LF. Two sizes are legal for the left rear, 7" and 5 3/8".
Wheel covers are legal on all four wheels.
Wheel hubs must remain stock as supplied by Speedway Entertainment.
Only 1 valve stem per wheel
NO welded reinforced of any wheels will be allowed .This will be checked at all tour races.
6. Clutch (only 2 types are legal):
2 piece #40 chain clutch manufactured by Speedway Entertainment.
1800 Series Noram Clutch
The #35 chain clutch is no longer legal.
Chain oilers are allowed for 2008
Speedway Entertainment manufactured "crank support" is approved since 2007.
7. Front Axle:
Maximum caster is 5 degrees.
No cutting or welding of the front axles.
Axles must be purchased from an Authorized Slingshot by Tobias Dealer and manufactured by Speedway Entertainment.
8. Body:
No bodies older than 2005 will be legal after Jan.20,2008 Atlantic City race.
Side cage visors must not exceed more than 5" below top of roll cage and may not break the outside lines of the roll cage.
2005 style bodies and newer will be allowed until 2011.
9. Brakes:
Both Speedway Entertainment approved hydraulic and mechanical systems will be allowed for the 2008 season. All brake components must be used as supplied by an Authorized Slingshot by Tobias Dealer. No brake system modifications are permitted outside of what is supplied by Speedway Entertainment. Brake rotors must remain stock as provided by Speedway Entertainment and must be made by an approved manufacturer.
Brake rotor must not be any thinner than 5/16" or have more than four 1 1/4" lightening holes.
10. All Slingshot by Tobias components must remain stock, with no modifications, and must be purchased from an Authorized Slingshot by Tobias Dealer.*
11. Engine:
All engines are to remain sealed. There will be a $125.00 per seal fee for any missing or tampered seals.
Absolutely no modifications to the engine.
The only allowable adjustments are the idle, low/high speed jets, valve lash, carb. jets, valve springs, valve seals, retainers, spark plugs, and flywheel timing.
All replacement parts must be original (no grinding, polishing, lightening, changing size or location of any part) Briggs & Stratton manufactured parts specifically for the engine.
No oil additives.
No fuel additive, including fuel/top-end lube. Fuel must pass a water test. Make sure you are checking your own fuel. Fuel filter used must be metal,no plastic filters or fuel line will be allowed.
Clutch is to remain as supplied with no modifications to drum drive or shoes. 10 tooth #40 chain is mandatory as of August 1, 2002.
Carburetor must remain stock appearing, without any external modifications. Absolutely no metal can be removed. Air bleeder holes and jet size may be modified. Multiple carburetor spacers may be used. Carburetor spacers may be made out of aluminum, but they must match "stock" dimensions. Nothing is permitted to improve airflow through the carburetor. Stock butterflies and screws must be used.
Manifold can be ground down 5/8".No punching or tapping of any kind past this point.
Regular Junior class is required to run a 1 bbl. carb only
Slingshot approved mufflers are mandatory for all Slingshot events, with muffler attached to the end of the exhaust pipe. No modifications. Exhaust fins must be no farther apart than 1/4". Example: a 1/4" rod must not slip past the baffle at any point. All exhaust must go through the muffler for the entire event or the car will be black flagged and disqualified.
All engine work will be done by Speedway Entertainment and seals must be intact. A $125.00 fine will be charged for each missing or tampered seal.
Speedway Entertainment has the right to impound any engine for complete evaluation. Any part found not to be within the rules will not be returned. He/She will lose all series and track points. Participants refusing to adhere to impound may be subject to expulsion for all Speedway Entertainment sanctioned events.
Engine oil should be kept at the 3/4 to full mark on the dipstick. Any amount above the full mark will blow out the seals or gasket.
"Lightened", altered,aluminum and after-market flywheels are illegal. All flywheels must remain stock as supplied by Speedway Entertainment.
Alternator must be in working order at all times and all 12 magnets on flywheel must be in place.
12. Speedway Entertainment does not enforce any safety issues. You must follow any and all track rules concerning safety equipment and procedures.
13. All chassis, bumpers, front axles, rear axles, spindles, tie-rods, radius-rods, etc. must be certified/unaltered Slingshot components and must remain the exact dimensions/thickness as manufactured or sold only by Authorized Dealers.No lightening of gear sprockets is allowed.No micro-sprint type tie-rods or reinforcement of tie-rods is permitted
14. All chassis repair must be done by Speedway Entertainment.
15. Weight:
760 lbs. - 18 lbs. Minimum Right Rear Tire Air Pressure.
790 lbs. - 12 lbs. Minimum Right Rear Air Pressure. **Must have 790 lbs. displayed above right rear tire.
Minimum weight with driver after race for Junior Division is 685 lbs.
All added weight must be bolted to the weight tabs on the front/rear of the chassis and at the base of the seat.
A maximum weight of 30 lbs. may be bolted the front.
Minimum weight must be met at the conclusion of the race, with driver. No additional fuel or weight can be added before scaling.
16. Shocks:
A threaded sleeve with threaded nut (coil-over kit) will be allowed to adjust ride height.
Only 2 AFCO part numbers are legal, 1551.5 and 1551. They are internally valved the same.
17. Fuel Cells: Fuel cell are mandatory for all cars for the 2008 season. No bolt on plastic tanks will be allowed after the 2005 season.
18. All contingency decals must be placed on the right door.
19. The Speedway Entertainment reserves the right to eject any car from competition and to enforce any penalties that are deemed necessary.
20. All protests must be sent in writing to the attention of Rich Tobias, Jr. at Speedway Entertainment.
21. Speedway Entertainment is not responsible for any race track procedural rules. It is the racer's responsibility to participate in all driver meetings and ask questions that may pertain. It is advised that racers contact the track in advance to clarify rules/procedures.
22. Rule Infraction Penalties:
Any fuel or internal engine violation will result in a loss of all points for the season and a possible $250.00 fine.
All other rule infractions will result in a loss of illegal parts and points.
23. The only tie-rods legal for use during Slingshot competition are 3/8" diameter steel with female heims.
24. No mirrors,cellphones or in-car radios will be permitted during any qualifying or feature events.Anyone caught using any transmitting device to driver will lose all points and possibly face a 30 day suspension.Track tech,authorized dealer or Speedwway Entertainment official can perfrom random checks.
25. Speedway Entertainment will oversee all tech inspections at touring events.Track tech will have the final decisions on all legality.

* Only Genuine Slingshot by Tobias specific parts purchased from "Authorized" Dealers are legal for Speedway Entertainment Sanctioned events. Parts purchased from non-authorized suppliers are deemed illegal and will not be permitted for Slingshot by Tobias competition.

  Basic Slingshot Set-Ups

Chassis Height- Rear 3 1/4"- 4"
Front 2 1/2"- 3 1/4"

Rear Tire Stagger 1/8th- 1/5th mile tracks- 5 1/2" - 3"
1/4 mile track- 4"- 1 1/2"

Tire Pressure LF- 4-6 lbs RF-6-9 lbs
LR- 6-12 lbs RR- 15-35 lbs
More air in RR tire to loosen car up use air to work with stagger
Panhard Height- Higher loosens entry and tightens exit
Lower tightens entry and loosens exit

Wheel Weights- Loose setup example: LR 165lbs/ RR 180lbs
Tight setup example: LR 180lbs/ RR 165lbs

Right front inset- Measure by running a string across the outside of the RR tire and stretching it to the front tire. Measure the distance from string to outside of the front tire. the greater the measurements the looser the cars. the smaller the measurements the tighter the car
Example: 2"-5" this can be adjusted by moving your wheel on the axle of shortening or lenghtening the rear panhard bar.

Toe out- Should be atleast 3/16" out. Scribe a circle around the tire on each side in the front, measure between the 2 lines 3/16" out

Front axle- should be square in the car. Measure from cross bar to axle.

Wheel Base- Right side will always be longer than Left Side 1/2"- 1 1/2"

Front Radius Rods- Be sure they are bind free. leave 1/16" to 1/8" at front of radius rod bolt. (these bolts should be grade 8 or better)

Coil springs recommendations-
1/8th-1/5th mile tracks LF 60lbs / RF 80lbs                                               MORE COILS = 60#
1/4th-1/3rd mile tracks LF 80lbs / RF 80lbs                SPRINGS =              LESS COILS = 80#
Soften corner if you want to have more bite.                                            LARGER COILS = 100 #

Gear Recommendations: MAX RPMS 6200
1/10th mile to 1/7th mile track 5.90-62.0
1/5th mile track 5.55-5.75  = approx  65 mph
1/4 mile track 49.0-52.0      = approx  80 mph